Film & Video Work

I have directed, edited and produced several short and feature length documentary films about people and communities around the world that are working to make a more just and sustainable society. I was commissioned to make these works by nonprofit organizations that wanted to spread the story of their cause in a new and more emotive way. I have found that film is the perfect medium for seeing into, and being touched by, the lives of others. I love doing this work and seeing the support it creates for good causes.

Documentary Film Reel - 1.5 minutes

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Seeds of Strength

This feature length documentary is about a Vanastree, women’s seed-saving cooperative located in the heart of the Western Ghats mountain range in southern India. This area was designated as a biodiversity hotspot by UNESCO and there is a long tradition of small home gardens and farms in the region. The main goal of the cooperative of 150 women is to promote food security through the saving of hundreds heirloom seeds that are being lost throughout much of the continent due to monocultural farming.

The film seeks to share not only the larger issues and inner workings of the cooperative, but also the voices and perspectives of its members. This this 45 minute documentary film is being currently shown at film festivals and sustainable farming events. Please reach out if you would like to schedule a viewing event.

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Canopy Connections

Canopy Connections is a short award-winning documentary which takes a closer look at new and innovative outdoor learning environments for children. It follows the experience of middle school students as they embark on an adventure climbing high into the canopy of old growth forests while learning important lessons in ecology. This is also a story about how to enhance our education system through active outdoor learning programs which provide a fresh and important perspective for young minds. Being in touch with nature is especially important in the modern era when more and more children have been completely disconnected from natural environments.

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Beneath the Bodhi Tree

Beneath the Bodhi Tree is a film about the World Peace Ceremony held every year in Bodh Gaya, India. Thousands of Tibetan monks and nuns travel hundreds of miles to attend this event and to pray for universal peace and awakening. This ceremony, held for ten days beneath the sacred Bodhi Tree, has become an important catalyst for cultural revitalization and preservation. Now in its 24th year, it is one of the most beloved and widely attended annual events for Tibetans in exile. Note: The film title has since been changed to Prayers of the Ancient Ones.

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Visionary Voices - 3 powerful women, 3 minutes each

Visionary Voices is a experimental storytelling format which coordinates three different screens to display simultaneous video imagery, increasing the layers of meaning and metaphor in the stories being told. This work features female human rights activists that have that have rocked the world with their inspired visions of hope and equality. Rarely as well known as male counter parts like Mandela, King, and Ghandi, women such as Wangari Maathai and Leymah Gbowee have nevertheless embodied bravery and become pivotal leaders for millions of people living in extremely oppressive conditions. By highlighting the compelling public speeches of these women and their impacts on the communities in which they live, this project explores the power of visionaries to uplift those around them. Viewers are immersed in each the story through the use of archival audio, video, and the written word on a dynamic multiscreen projection display.

Through carefully planned timing, these staggered screens create a vignette which gives the audience a glimpse of the strength of these women in context. Hopefully this glimpse will prompt viewers to learn more about the women themselves, the conditions they are working in, and the local and global human rights issues that affect us all.