My background

I am a graphic designer, multimedia storyteller and digital communications strategist. I am also a trained environmental scientist. I love crafting creative digital media and developing digital engagement strategies for social and ecological causes and organizations. I also have a nerdy fascination measuring the results of these campaigns through analytics, in order to better understand how we can bring more people together in support of the greater good.  

I have a MSc in Environmental Science form University of Oregon and a MFA in Digital Arts & New Media from University of California, Santa Cruz. I am currently a communications manager, visual designer and research director for the art-science nonprofit, The Center for the Study of the Force Majeure. I have a passion for the wild places, wild creatures, great visual design, great storytelling, proper paper airplane construction and freshly ground peanut butter.

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What I love doing

  • Bringing both sides of the brain together

  • Making fresh graphic designs about important ideas, projects, and organizations

  • Weaving compelling multimedia stories

  • Working with NGO's and non-profits to enhance their impact and funding stream

  • Thinking strategically to communicate big ideas

  • Using fresh language to engage the imagination & touch the heart