Resilience is a new media documentary that weaves together community-based watershed restoration stories from the remote Peruvian Andes. The Resilience interface acts as a loom that creates a fabric out of a collection of short films (2 minutes or less).

This content is organized along different conceptual threads which can be woven together to create unique patterns in the story fabric. Each conceptual thread is also tied to a photographic haiku. 

The quotes and photographs come together to create a patterned fabric that invites contemplation of the topic and its relationship to ecological resilience.


The Resilience interface was based off the metaphor of a weaving loom. It can weave different patterns into the "film fabric".


The interactive documentary expands into a immersive story-telling system within the exhibit context.


The story is enhanced through the interface which is more then just a delivery mechanism and adds to the making of meaning.